According to studies in recent years, it has been discovered that more users would rather search for goods on Amazon instead of Googling. Times are indeed changing and so are large businesses who are adopting different attitudes when it comes to online purchasing via website development.

Keep in mind all the successful e-commerce companies. They go to impressive lengths to implement as many innovative technologies as possible, by making it easy for users to have the ideal journey from start to finish. Be it voice search or else chat bots, there are plenty of AI solutions that can thoroughly push your website to the forefront.

Why is Artificial Intelligence central in web development?

It makes search super speedy

Your customers want information here and now and improving search speed will provide just that. One of the latest search options popular amongst youths is Voice Search and soon this technology will be in demand more than ever.

Be it Cortana, Siri or else a completely brand-new voice search solution, your clients will be jumping at the opportunity to try these options out. Voice search option is quickly becoming an integral part of e-commerce web solutions.

Not only will it make you stand out of the crowd, but your clients will keep coming back for its innovation.

It boosts interaction

Another AI solution is the Chat bot. Chat bots have facilitated the communication process to become less robotised and more human-like natural. Since Artificial Intelligence is constantly evolving and improving on current methods, so are Chat bots and soon enough, they will be able to figure out and recognise human emotions.

Similarly, many users are now interacting with Chat bots. Not only does it remove any communication barriers, but the user experience is improved with effective online communication.

Interaction via Chat bots is similar to dealing with a Customer Support member, by recognising good and bad within chats as well as price and quality. If you want to stay up to date with the trends, you should be considering Chat bots for their efficiency.

Tailored customer experience

Now this is where it really gets interesting. Artificial Intelligence can also help mould your website to adapt better to your users’ needs. This means that AI has learning technology that can evaluate your clients’ preferences through simple interaction with your website.

Once the information has been collected, the AI technology will modify your website for each client, including any searches on your website.

Ultimately, there are plenty of opportunities and possibilities available including tailored content to boost sales, personalised adverts, recommendations based on searches and even altered prices.

Your own personal experience

Imagine you are at home doing some online shopping and you as a consumer, oversee your own experience. Let us explain this a little further.

Imagine you are shopping at Amazon and you are known to purchase Sports goods on a regular basis. The AI would pick up on this and will in the future recommend similar goods that might be of interest to you. Essentially, with the implementation of AI solutions, your online shopping experience becomes more personalised.

This doesn’t just apply to online shopping though. It can apply to any business model. Your main aim when it comes to your own web product is not only to make navigation faultless by being as clear as possible, but also to provide the best user experience according to your clients’ needs.

Whatever your client is looking for, they will get the recommendations without having to look too hard.

Impressive and effective marketing efforts

Have we mentioned that AI has a pivotal role in improving marketing efforts yet? Not only does it open superb opportunities for marketers, but the technologies involved allow you to gain great insights into marketing predictions, based on your clients’ behaviour.

For example, you can predict what customers are likely to buy next, what products annoy them, their price threshold as well as the preferred device on getting to your website. The information is infinite, so you can truly gather indispensable data to improve your sales.

To be clear, AI is already being adapted into CRMs. The main aim of making a sale after all, is to connect with a client on a personal level, and AI can use these connections to provide your sales team with information.

Additionally, AI can synchronise and review all past entries and Sales emails to see what has worked previously. From this data it will be able to find the ideal lead to close that sale. You won’t have to spend hours upon hours analysing data since AI does all the work for you and predict what is likely to sell.

Furthermore, based on your data, AI enables you to match relevant offers to clients at the right time, saving you hours, perhaps days of research and analysis. You clients will be presented with applicable offers, which in turn will skyrocket your conversion rates.

But this is only a taste of what Artificial Intelligence can do for your business. Root Codex can help implement a tailored AI for your business needs. Root Codex can also help you with various web aspects including Custom Software Development, web development, web hosting as well as thorough web audits and maintenance. Get in touch with us today at or by calling on (+356)27 368 513‬.