Strategies to reduce cart abandonment

If you own an online shop, you understand the frustrations of cart abandonment – when customers place items in their cart and never actually make a purchase. In fact, over…

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E-commerce / Web Development

Better revenue stream from your Online Presence

February is often a good time to sit back and look into your existing revenue generating streams. It is a time to brainstorm new methodologies to ensure you achieve your…

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Digital transformation / Software

Digital Transformation Demystified

Change is inevitable – I think that most people would agree on that – and evolution is a very clear indication of how change can transform life. With a change…

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Artificial Intelligence / Web Development

5 top reasons why AI is crucial in Web Development

According to studies in recent years, it has been discovered that more users would rather search for goods on Amazon instead of Googling. Times are indeed changing and so are…

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Page Speed / Web Development

The do’s and don’ts of page speed & why it matters

Imagine you have just ordered a pizza for home delivery, and the delivery guy takes over an hour to turn up. Not only is this incredibly irritating but you also…

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Artificial Intelligence / Tailored Software

4 reasons how Artificial Intelligence can save you time and money

Among the many emerging technologies of the modern age, nothing has created as much buzz as Artificial Intelligence (AI) has. Since its emergence, it has changed the very nucleus of…

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Artificial Intelligence / Business Intelligence

Three tips on how AI can shape up your Business Intelligence

Businesses are finally entering a new modern era where data dictates their next business move. More specifically as Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to evolve, it continues to be the driving…

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Page Speed / Website Audit

What is a site audit and why you need one

Your website is your business’ core store front and it is the most imperative asset that you own. Have you taken the time to perform an in-depth website audit recently?…

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