01 Custom Software

Develop a solution that fits your needs. Together, we work to create a software solution that works for your business. We provide you with customized solutions to reach your business requirements.

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02 E-commerce

Grow your online business with an e-commerce solution. Get the tools you need to generate online sales, manage your product portfolio and shopping carts, and process payment transactions.

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03 Web Design & Development

Being unique is essential. Your business can flourish with our bespoke web designs, tailor-made to suit your requirements. We develop and create distinctive websites so you are always a cut above the rest.

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04 Web Hosting

Enjoy fast, secure and safe web-hosting services and stay connected to the Internet – whether for custom applications, e-commerce sites or blogs.

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Custom Software

We accommodate your business' requirements by developing custom software, tailor-made to suit your needs. Our software development services provide your business with a multifaceted solution where a variety of features can be created to assist your business in its day-to-day needs. Such services include, but are not limited to:

Custom Software
  • Technical architecture
  • Reporting & data analytics
  • Intranet and Extranet portals
  • Classification of data
  • API & third party integrations
  • REST & GraphQL implementations
  • PHP (Laravel), Golang, & Python
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript (React)
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Generate revenue from your online platform with our e-commerce solutions. We can assist you in developing and maintaining your e-commerce portal. Our e-commerce services include, but are not limited to:

  • Full fledged e-commerce sites
  • Woocommerce integrations
  • Payment gateway integrations
  • Site Audits
  • Page speed improvements
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Web Design & Development

Give your business an aesthetically-pleasing and easy-to-use interface with our web design and development services. We offer:

Web design & development
  • Web design
  • WordPress development
  • Content services
  • Technical SEO
  • Site speed audits
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Web Hosting

Peace-of-mind is guaranteed with our secure and cost-effective web-hosting services. Our web-hosting services are available for all your requirements including:

Web hosting
  • Serverless hosting
  • Technical architecture
  • Cloud hosting
  • Amazon AWS & Google Cloud
  • WordPress hosting
  • Server management & monitoring

Work with us

Our projects speak for themselves. Our trusted squad of developers and designers can generate a range of problem-solving solutions for your business needs.

We also orchestrate automated business processes and tasks, so your software is always up-to-date and kicking your competitors to the curb.

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