Your website is your business’ core store front and it is the most imperative asset that you own. Have you taken the time to perform an in-depth website audit recently? If not, you will be surprised on what you can learn on how to improve it to boost subscribers or sales.

Since websites are a powerful and robust branding and marketing tool of modern-day businesses, it is vital that you keep it updated for a number of reasons. It can bring in new leads, convert one-time customers into loyal ones and develop the overall marketing strategy with overall effectiveness.

The moment you neglect your website, it will stop yielding the results you are after and this is where a handy website auditing service can come in. Whether you are ready for a complete website redesign or else improve on your current one, a web audit can improve your overall visibility, security as well as ROI twofold.

What is a web audit?

Website auditing entails a close examination of the various components and characteristics of your website, to determine what works efficiently, what doesn’t and how to improve maintenance in a bid to press on your web presence and user journey.

If your company has a website, then you will undoubtedly benefit from a site audit. Regardless of whether your website sees less than 10 persons a day or thousands a month, an audit can successfully determine problem areas and augment traffic, conversions as well as enhance its online presence. Google is a big fan of websites that are updated on a regular basis.

If your site has in the past undergone a web audit but is still dropping in ROI, then now is the right time to conduct a comprehensive audit to find the best solution in order to acquire outstanding results.

What does a web audit entail?

First of all, you need to visit your website and see it from a visitor’s point of view. Imagine this is your first time landing on your site. Take a note of the page load, the typography of the page, the design and how well it responds on mobile.

Perhaps, try to subscribe to your own newsletter and double check links to ensure that they are linking to the right pages and not getting 404 errors.

Sometimes we have a habit of setting up pages and ‘forgetting’ about them without checking them on a regular basis to see if they are still up to scratch.

Image and plug-in optimisation

This is one of the most basic steps in improving your page speed. If your images are too large or using outdated plug-ins, they will slow down your website significantly. There are many ways to optimise your images for faster loading including compression.

You can also go through your Plug-in list and remove what you no longer need and update the ones you are currently using.

Check all your links

Whether it’s a newsletter subscription or content articles, you should double check that all your links are working and that none of them are obsolete.

Pay careful attention to expired backlinks, even though it can be time-consuming as this task alone will improve your overall page speed as well as ranking on Google.

Keep up with the times

This goes without saying but if your website is not fully optimised for mobile, you are missing out. Remember that most consumers these days are searching and doing their online shopping from their phones.

Your website needs to be easy to navigate and fully responsive to ensure that the user journey is seamless. There are hundreds of plug-ins online that can help you with this if you are not tech savvy.

Enhance your ROI

If your business is an e-commerce site, you might want to install and track PPC campaigns on Google. This can be easily done by applying for an Adwords account.

How often should I run a web audit?

We would recommend that you do one at least every six months, especially if you are building your brand online. Not only will it save you lots of money, sweat and tears in the long run, but it will keep your customers and your bank account happy.

You can always get web specialists in design and development services, who can improve on all of the aforementioned key points discussed in this article. Not only will you gain better search engine optimisation but your brand presence will also improve.

A well-tuned site is your company’s business card and portfolio, and it needs to stay in tip top shape in order to stand out of the crowd.

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