If you own an online shop, you understand the frustrations of cart abandonment – when customers place items in their cart and never actually make a purchase. In fact, over 70% of users abandon their carts. So, what can be done to reduce cart abandonment and increase online sales?

Page speed

Optimize site speed and performance

If your website is too slow, customers get frustrated and are less likely to proceed to the checkout. In fact, a one-second delay in load time can result in 7% less sales conversions. Therefore, it is vital that your website’s speed is optimized.

Mobile responsive

Ensure your website is mobile friendly

According to the World Advertising Research Centre (WARC), over 50% of consumers surf the web and make online purchases through their mobile phone… And by 2025 this is predicted to grow to 72%. Thus, ensuring your website is mobile friendly is imperative to secure online sales conversions.

Create a guest checkout option

Most of the time, online shoppers do not want to spend time registering to purchase a product. By developing a guest checkout option, you allow customers to make a purchase without going through a registration process, which at times can be tedious and lengthy.

Shopping Cart Recovery

Create a cart recovery

Consumers shop online to save time. By creating the opportunity to have a list of items which have already been viewed or purchased in the past, the user is able to retrieve and re-order past items at a touch of a button.

Discount prices

Offer discounts to customers who abandoned their cart

Entice customers who abandoned their cart by providing them with a discount on their abandoned cart items. This is an effective way of encouraging a customer to purchase items which were abandoned in the cart. The offer can easily be communicated by sending the user an email with information about the discount coupon.

Ecommerce delivery

Ensure your delivery prices and delivery timeframes are reasonable

If the cost of delivery is too high, your customer will refrain from checking out. Delayed delivery times might also affect a customer’s motivation to buy. Therefore, ensure you offer affordable delivery options with suitable timeframes.

Customer Behavior

Analyze and understand customer movements

In order to understand your customer, it is important to analyze their movements. This can be done by looking at your customer’s journey through Google Analytics. You may also take a look at what content your audience deems relevant by using Hotjar.

Trust E-commerce


Sometimes customers are afraid of giving credit card details to make a purchase – especially if they are new to the online purchasing world. By including trust seals, testimonials and reviews by real people, you can alleviate this issue.

Usability Testing

Experiment with different methods until the right one fits

Digital efforts allow you to clearly trace and map out your activities, thus assisting you in resolving the issue of abandoned carts. Trial and error using different methodologies will allow you to choose the best solution for cart abandonment.

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