February is often a good time to sit back and look into your existing revenue generating streams. It is a time to brainstorm new methodologies to ensure you achieve your revenue targets that you have forecasted for the year ahead. If one of your main sales tools is your website, there are a number of different methodologies that can be implemented to increase your online sales.

Improving overall user experience

User experience

Having an easy online user experience is of utmost importance to drive online sales. In fact, 67% of online shoppers abandon their cart if the website is too slow. You need to consider whether your website is fast enough; whether images and text are displayed correctly; and the ease with which customers are managing to proceed to the checkout. By optimising site speeds, we have seen remarkable differences, resulting in up to 20% more sales. Site speed optimisation also improves rankings on search engines such as Google, thus improving your overall SEO.

Optimise your SEO

Search engine optimisation

It is imperative that your website shows up on Google Search and, for this to happen, your website must be optimised for SEO. If you have a WordPress site, there are plug ins available such as Yoast which provide you with suggestions on how to improve your SEO. From making off-page changes such as inserting more page backlinks, to on-page criteria such as HTML tags and content changes – the plug-in is able to assist you in several SEO requirements.

Make checkout simple

Make Checkout simple

Often, customers do not want to waste time registering and signing up to a website to purchase a product. By creating a ‘guest’ checkout option, you are creating a simpler checkout process whereby a user can purchase a product without signing up. We have seen great successes from this simple option – with some of our clients generating up to €300k more revenue once we tweaked this to the website’s checkout journey.

Remarketing of similar or related products to site visitors


This is a simple and effective method of driving more sales to your website. By implementing the functionality of showing suggested products to site visitors, you can show products which are related to, or are similar to, products viewed by a specific user. This also adds a personalised touch since each product displayed is unique to the user. In fact, according to a study from Predictive Intent, upsells are 20 times more likely to work when compared to cross-selling. Amazon does a great job at using this functionality, offering several suggested and recommended products to individual users.

Capture Emails

Capture email

Setting up an email capture is a great way of creating a customer email database. This database can then be used for remarketing purposes. An email can be sent to promote new products, or to upsell other products which are related to items already purchased by the customer. In fact, some studies show that using this method can generate a return on investment of up to 4,300%.

Invest in a CRM system

Obtaining data is crucial since it is a powerful tool. By having a CRM system such as Hubspot or Zoho, you are able to manage and track your sales pipeline, in addition to being able to store visitor data. This will, in turn, enable you to understand customer movements and behaviours. This information can be used to better serve your customers by editing your online platform to better suit your customer’s needs. Data collection is also vital for remarketing purposes where you can contact the customer with relevant products.

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