Web design is not just about imagery and content; effort needs to be made on the user experience. Good design means that your audience is able to journey through your site with ease and find what they need without actively searching for it. Here are our tips to achieve leads and conversions with well-thought-out design.

User-centred designs

Create a design that incorporates your customers’ needs. Plan out the sitemap while keeping user personas in mind. This will serve as a guide as to how to setup the layout of your menu and will assist you in creating a site which is tailor-made to your target segment. Think simple. Easy-to-use web designs which are responsive across multiple devices, deliver higher conversion rates.

Prominent call to action buttons

Assist users in finding the necessary call to action buttons which will motivate a lead or a conversion. Such buttons should be brightly coloured and placed after the relevant ad copy is shown to assist the user in taking an action – whether it is to get in touch or to purchase an item.

Promote your latest offers on your homepage banner

Special offers

Your homepage banner must depict your most recent promotions. Create offers by providing a coupon code with a discounted rate which can be applied upon checkout. In this way, you encourage a user to place an order the minute they land on your site.

Offer personalised product recommendations

According to data published by Invesp, 59% of online shoppers find more interesting products to purchase when personalization is used. Such personalization increases conversions, and by offering products and services which are tailor-made to customers’ needs, content is made relevant to your target audience.

Simple checkout process

Keep the checkout process simple and avoid collecting unnecessary information. 23% of users abandon their shopping cart if they need to create an account. Creating a guest option will resolve this. Avoid using third parties to complete a purchase and make checkout errors (such as items out of stock) easy to fix. According to research, 69.23% of users abandon their cart so send them a reminder about their cart to encourage them to complete a purchase.

Track user behaviour

Track, test, optimize and repeat. It is important to look into what your audience is doing once they land on your page. Google Analytics provides vital insights on user demographics and customer behaviour. You could also make use of Hotjar – an analytics tool which allows you to identify and track customer movements across the site.

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