Our Process

Initial Challenge

Our client, a flight comparison site needed a content hub to attract more users to their web portal through search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. The idea behind creating such a hub was to enable the promotion of user content and flight pricing information. This enabled our client to display a comparison of available flights to any web user searching for such services. In addition to this, SEO improvements needed to be made to help the site improve their page ranking.

Our Process

The Solution

Website Performance
According to SEO expert company Topdog, website performance is one of the signals used by Google’s algorithm in order to determine a website’s user experience. Knowing this, drove us to ensure that the website was up to scratch and we focused on improving load time by 300%.


Development of a WordPress Travel Guide
One of the first tasks we set out to do in order to create the content hub was to develop a travel guide using WordPress. This travel guide consisted of a set of templates for a number of destinations and services. We created templates for restaurants in different parts of the globe, places to visit, and accommodation. In doing so, templates were a vital tool to help build content related to the travel industry per country. We also integrated the website with flight pricing for the different destinations available.


Wireframe Design
We worked hand in hand with SEO agency Topdog in order to design the wireframes. Wireframes consist of a visual guide of the way the website will look and includes information such as where images are placed, conversions buttons, design elements and content. We designed each wireframe within the SEO requirements set out by Topdog. This ensured that the website’s design was not only aesthetically pleasing and optimised for conversions, but also optimised for search engines. Sleek templates were designed based on the wireframes and each template was created in both desktop and mobile formats. This ensured that all the webpages would be responsive across all platforms, which not only helps improve the user experience but also assists in the overall SEO score of the website.


Set-up of WordPress CMS
We set up and modified the WordPress content management system (CMS). By doing so, the team at Topdog who was working on the website was able to modify and change the content whenever required. The team became more efficient through this process and it resulted in an overall improved workflow. The CMS also allowed the site to be SEO compliant and contributed to a decrease in turnaround of the project. We also created a seamless integration with the existing flights’ API (Application Programming Interface) for ticket search and listing of flights for the different destinations available. By integrating the new portal into their existing website, we avoided the use of sub-domains which improved the overall management of the site’s structure.