Our Process

Initial Challenge

Upon launching its online casino, Televega saw there was greater potential for their business and began to look into ways of optimizing its website to tap into this potential. After testing the site for a few months with various users, Televega was able to identify difficulties customers faced when they used the platform.


It also wished to improve the user drop-off rate, as this is an important part of many gaming platforms. There was also the need to create new pages in line with new product offerings.


From a customer experience side, users were not finding information about account verification and withdrawal easily. The information was lost in multiple pages and this resulted in more customers contacting customer care, which resulted in more time spent answering queries. This created additional hours spent on answering users’ questions which could easily be found on the website, once the information was clearly visible and simple to view.

Our Process

The Solution

After discussing the relevant issues with the management from Televega, we came up with multiple solutions to alleviate the team from certain tasks which could easily be resolved by implementing more agile methods.


Improved templates to drive better conversions
One of the first items to be implemented was an enhanced user experience for the casino lobby. We created more user-friendly design templates for the website in order to drive more conversions. We also re-designed some hero images to provide a more visually-appealing interface to encourage more interaction with the site. A series of three to four templates were created which could then be continuously used by the Televega marketing team, thus alleviating time spent on constructing and designing new promotions.


Professionally-designed pages
In order to improve brand credibility, we re-designed webpages with a more professional look and feel. This was done to give a more appealing look once a user lands on the Televega website. By improving page design, customers were more likely to convert and play the games provided in their online casino. We also designed elements within pages such as call-to-action buttons along the navigation for both logged in and logged out users.


A more agile Customer Service
A number of customers were contacting Customer Service with similar queries and this was using up several hours from the contact centre’s representatives. Most queries pertained to information which was readily-available on the site, however it was difficult to find such information. Therefore, we created a new page to better assist customers and to alleviate the Customer Service team from answering the same queries.


Working with the Televega team was a unique opportunity where we were able to pass on key industry experiences. Such information was invaluable to the team who were able to continue the implementations of the branding and designs which were created for better conversions and improved customer service.